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High Intensity Daily Activity

High Intensity Daily Activity (HIDA) within Bethel Disability Support Services focuses on providing specialised and intensive assistance to individuals with disabilities in engaging with daily activities requiring a higher level of support. It is designed to aid individuals in building skills, independence, and functional capabilities across various areas.

High Intensity Daily Activity in NDIS refers to a specialised level of support aimed at individuals with disabilities requiring more intensive assistance in daily living activities. This support covers a broad spectrum of activities and focuses on enhancing specific skills and capabilities.

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HIDA plays a crucial role in supporting individuals with complex needs or severe disabilities. It offers specialised assistance and interventions to help individuals achieve functional goals, fostering independence, and improving quality of life.

High Intensity Daily Activity support encompasses a range of areas, including personal care, mobility, communication, behaviour management, sensory integration, and skill development. It addresses specific needs and aims to enhance functional abilities and independence.

HIDA involves a multidisciplinary approach, utilising various methods to provide tailored support. It may involve highly trained support workers, therapists, specialised equipment, behaviour management strategies, and individualised intervention plans based on assessments and goals.

Benefits of High Intensity Daily Activity Assistance and How to Access

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The specialised assistance offered through HIDA has numerous benefits. It enhances individuals' functional abilities, improves independence, builds essential life skills, fosters social inclusion, and promotes a sense of achievement and confidence.

Accessing High Intensity Daily Activity in NDIS typically involves assessments and planning through disability service providers or the NDIS. These assessments evaluate an individual's specific needs, functional abilities, and goals. A personalised plan is then developed to address these requirements.


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