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Assist with Travel & Transport

Assist with Travel and Transport is an essential component within Bethel Disability Support Services, aiming to provide individuals with disabilities the necessary support and accessibility to travel independently, nurturing community engagement and enhancing quality of life. This travel assistance caters to various mobility needs, ensuring individuals can access transportation and travel with ease.

Travel and Transport Assistance focuses on enabling individuals with disabilities to access transportation services comfortably. It aims to provide support for traveling to desired destinations, allowing individuals to engage in various activities, attend appointments, and participate in community life.

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Access to transportation is essential for individuals with disabilities to lead an independent and inclusive life. Travel assistance not only fosters independence but also promotes community participation, employment opportunities, social engagement, and access to essential services.

Bethel Disability Support Services in Newcastle offer a range of assistance to cater to different mobility needs. This includes support for using public transportation, assistance with travel planning, provision of accessible vehicles, travel training, and coordination of transport services tailored to individual requirements.

Travel assistance may involve support workers accompanying individuals during travel, accessibility modifications to vehicles, provision of specialised equipment like wheelchairs or mobility aids, training sessions on using public transport, and assistance with travel-related paperwork or arrangements.

Benefits of Travel & Transport Assistance and How to Access

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Travel and Transport assistance facilitates independence and inclusivity for individuals with disabilities. It gives individuals the ability to go to a variety of locations, including places of employment, schools, hospitals, social gatherings, and activities of leisure. Gaining independence boosts self-esteem, individuality, and a feeling of community.

Accessing Travel and Transport assistance involves coordination with disability service providers or through the NDIS. An assessment determines the individual's travel requirements, considering factors like mobility limitations, destinations, and preferences. Following assessment, personalised plans are developed to address specific travel needs.


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